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Meet Our Donors

Mike with kitten

Giving Families the Gift of a Cat’s Love

Mike Bouley developed an unexpected fondness for cats later in life and decided to volunteer in cat adoption at AHS. Though Mike passed away earlier this year, his passion for giving animals a second chance lives on thanks to a gift in his will. Read More

Legacy Circle Donation Check

Three Reasons to Give to Animal Humane Society

At the AHS Legacy Circle luncheon in October, Maggie Moris spoke about the impact of giving to AHS. Read her speech and learn how you can be a part of the Legacy Circle. Read More

Don and Lila

Don and Lila's Story

After his dog, Lady, passed away, Don was unsure if he should get another due to his age. It was there he met and fell in love with Lila and learned how he can protect her future, and the future of other animals. Read More

Fiona and Cricket

Legacy Circle Members Ensure Pets Are Loved for Life

The generosity of our Legacy Circle members helps provide a bright future for animals in need. This special group of supporters also can rest easy knowing that their pets will always have a loving home through the Loved for Life program. Read More

Lynne LeTart and Arawen

Rescued Cat Repays Her Owner

A few years ago, a stray cat arrived at our Woodbury location. She had been abused and was in terrible shape. Read More

Patty Botes

Animal Humane Society Receives Special Bequest Gift

As an active supporter of Animal Humane Society, Patty Botes ensured that her support of animals will be continued after her lifetime. Read More

Jane and her dogs

Jane's IRA Will Give Animals a Second Chance

The three dogs now sharing their lives with Jane and her husband, Tom, have taught her well. Read More

Martha Bird and her dog

Meant to Be

A small, fearful, brown and black mixedbreed dog. Not everyone would have recognized what Martha Bird did, looking at this timid dog at the Animal Humane Society. Read More

Donald Buck and Cuddles

Years of Mutual Devotion Inspire the Bucks

Cuddles the cat lives up to her name. Ever since Donald and Donna Buck brought her home from our Woodbury shelter ten years ago, Cuddles has been a source of great comfort and companionship. Read More

Jerry and Lois Patten with their dogs

The Pattens Got Organized—And Felt Relieved Once It Was Done

Over the last 30 years, Jerry and Lois Patten have provided a loving home to dogs in need of a second chance—eleven of them in all and even one puppy. Read More

Donnette Little with her dog

Giving and Giving Back

Animals give us so much and ask for so little in return. All it really takes is some food, water, shelter and a little attention to keep pets satisfied. Read More

For a complete list of our Legacy Circle members please refer to our annual listing.